Episode 88: Wheat is Whack

By Trent Childers | May 21, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: How wheat is so ingrained (pun intended) into today’s society. The difference between modern day hybridized wheat and ancient wheat, like einkorn. There is a big difference! How wheat contributes to “leaky gut.” The many unpleasant ways wheat consumption can manifest itself in your body, and how it is…

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Episode 87: Balance in Fighting For Your Health

By Trent Childers | May 14, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: The origin of Trent’s theme “fight.” That people go to extremes in how they view fighting for their health. The vicious cycle many go through in setting the standards too high. The irony of how we adversely affect our health by bringing on chronic stress of worrying about it…

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Episode 86: Thinking About Smart Phone Addiction

By Trent Childers | May 7, 2018

  In┬áThis Episode You Will Learn: How technology can lead us so far away from our natural design. How smart phones are re-wiring our brains. How smart phones are impacting our sleep. How smart phones are affecting our communication and relationships. How we attach our identity to them. 7 signs you may be addicted to…

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Episode 85: Thinking About Food and Joy

By Trent Childers | Apr 30, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: That God designed us to have an emotional relationship with food. That God uses food in celebration. That God uses food in relationships. That we are not designed to eat in a stressed, anxious state and what happens when we do. That a lot of people are living in…

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Episode 84: Using Essential Oils

By Trent Childers | Apr 23, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: How Trent came to use essential oils, and how what was shared with him convinced him to give them a go. A shifting point for Trent in how he came to view the oils. That God created plant life with essential oils, and that they aren’t just a fad.…

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Episode 83: How to Substitute in Your Kitchen

By Trent Childers | Apr 16, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: Why you need to know how to substitute in your kitchen. Key problem foods and how to replace them. Why you need to replace with what. Alternative flours that could have a bigger impact than you think. That you can still have that comfort food in a healthy version,…

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Episode 82: Changing Your Lifestyle

By Trent Childers | Apr 8, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: About Trent’s story and how he came to make lifestyle changes. That many people just don’t have a big enough reason to discipline themselves to make the necessary changes. Several strategies to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes. Why you need to read. Why it is important to…

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Episode 81: Healthy Body Movement

By Trent Childers | Mar 31, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: That this facet of getting healthy doesn’t stand alone and how important understanding this really is. Why we need to reframe how we view exercise and how children can help us do this. That walking around barefooted outside is actually really good for us. That our brains require about…

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Episode 80: Helping You Cook Real Food

By Trent Childers | Mar 25, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: How food really is medicine. That how your genes express themselves is not pre-determined, and how food can change gene expression. Some kitchen tools to help you in your journey of learning how to cook real food in our busy society. Some recipes of healthy versions of comfort food.…

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