Episode 95: What I Know Now That I Didn’t Know Then

By Trent Childers | Jul 9, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: The concept of turning back time, that we just can’t, even though Cher wished she could back in the day. Looking at what we didn’t know in the past from the right perspective. How I had no clue the real reasons I had chronic sinus infections and manifested unhealthy…

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Episode 94: Removing Foods That Hinder Your Healing

By Trent Childers | Jul 2, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: About the body’s God given ability to heal. That we need to remove what is hindering our bodies from healing. That a healing diet for one person will look different from one for another. Three main foods that will hinder you from healing. Possible sources that will hinder you…

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Episode 93: More Books I Recommend to Help You Fight For Your Health

By Trent Childers | Jun 25, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: 7 more books (he did a previous show on book recommendations) Trent recommends to help you fight for your health and why he recommends them. How the holistic “root cause” approach is different. Why it is critical we understand the interconnected creation our bodies. Why owning a cookbook is important…

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Episode 92: My Most Helpful Lifestyle Habits

By Trent Childers | Jun 18, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn:  Why lifestyle habits are so foundational. That you should have water in the morning before your coffee. What green juice Trent drinks and why you need one in your life. How to transform your morning. How having a shake/smoothie instead of the traditional breakfast can boost your nutrition and set you…

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Episode 91: Gratitude: It’s Not a Gimmick

By Trent Childers | Jun 10, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: The foundational place of gratitude in following Jesus. How remembering and gratitude are connected. How gratitude is connected to holiness. How gratitude is connected to peace. That gratitude doesn’t hinder goal achieving, but actually helps it. What gratitude practice Duke University basketball coaches used with the team in 2015 and…

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Episode 90: Contemplating Complaining with Amberlin Harrison

By Trent Childers | Jun 3, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: Amberlin’s personal journey of how she came to write a book about complaining. Reasons why we complain and why it matters to our health and relationship with Jesus. How to wisely approach counsel concerning another person. Hint: It has to do with the fruit of the Spirit. Why we…

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Episode 89: Christians, Crystals, and Stuff Like That

By Trent Childers | May 28, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: A concern many Christians have about using crystals, essential oils, doing Yoga, and stuff like that. About the mention of crystals in Scripture, both in a positive and negative light. The breakdown of a key passage to approaching all of this. This helped me so much! Stumbling blocks and how…

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Episode 88: Wheat is Whack

By Trent Childers | May 21, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: How wheat is so ingrained (pun intended) into today’s society. The difference between modern day hybridized wheat and ancient wheat, like einkorn. There is a big difference! How wheat contributes to “leaky gut.” The many unpleasant ways wheat consumption can manifest itself in your body, and how it is…

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Episode 87: Balance in Fighting For Your Health

By Trent Childers | May 14, 2018

In This Episode You Will Learn: The origin of Trent’s theme “fight.” That people go to extremes in how they view fighting for their health. The vicious cycle many go through in setting the standards too high. The irony of how we adversely affect our health by bringing on chronic stress of worrying about it…

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