Heart, Body, & Soul

Transformational Nutrition Coach & Speaker

When it comes to a lifestyle that is against what God designed us to be I know all about it. Growing up as a child with horrible eating habits and an even worse view of self to an adult with a history of drug and alcohol use that left me with 3 DUI's in 3 years, I have seen it all. 


The 7 Fight Principles

Through my own fight, training, and helping others, I have developed 7 principles that encompass what I believe it means to fight for your health, heart, body, and soul.

Episode 85: Thinking About Food and Joy

In This Episode You Will Learn: That God designed us to have an emotional relationship with food. That God uses…

Episode 84: Using Essential Oils

In This Episode You Will Learn: How Trent came to use essential oils, and how what was shared with him…

Episode 83: How to Substitute in Your Kitchen

In This Episode You Will Learn: Why you need to know how to substitute in your kitchen. Key problem foods…

Episode 82: Changing Your Lifestyle

In This Episode You Will Learn: About Trent’s story and how he came to make lifestyle changes. That many people…

Episode 81: Healthy Body Movement

In This Episode You Will Learn: That this facet of getting healthy doesn’t stand alone and how important understanding this…

Episode 80: Helping You Cook Real Food

In This Episode You Will Learn: How food really is medicine. That how your genes express themselves is not pre-determined,…

Episode 79: Thinking About Gifts, Passion, and Purpose

In This Episode You Will Learn: About the controversy that surrounds this topic and different approaches people take. Limiting beliefs…

Episode 78: 5 Food Sources That Can Boost Your Nutrition

In This Episode You Will Learn: That the foods many think are the best sources of certain vitamins and nutrients are…

Episode 77: How to Eat Balanced Meals

In This Episode You Will Learn: What I mean when I say “balanced eating.” Why it is important. That you…

Episode 76: Why Communication Matters to Your Health and How to Improve It

In This Episode You Will Learn: Why communication actually matters so much to our health. A simple exercise to help…

Essential Oils

Essential oils are to some a fad, but the truth is they were created when God created plant life and have been utilized by people for thousands of years. They are the “essence” of the plant, the aromatic fragrance. These oils are extracted from different parts of the plants, including stems, bark, flowers, seeds, or roots. They are typically steam distilled but can also be extracted in others ways. For example citrus oils are cold pressed from the rind.


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