Episode 87: Balance in Fighting For Your Health

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The origin of Trent’s theme “fight.”
  • That people go to extremes in how they view fighting for their health.
  • The vicious cycle many go through in setting the standards too high.
  • The irony of how we adversely affect our health by bringing on chronic stress of worrying about it all the time.
  • That there are emotional hangups at the root of this extreme behavior.
  • About the Heart Principle.
  • What deep breathing can actually do for you.
  • That so many people have a limited view of what health really is.
  • That health is about so much more than “weight loss.”
  • That elements beyond food, like lack of quality sleep, chronic stress, taking pharmaceuticals, and keeping toxic company, are harming people’s health.
  • That your genes do not prescribe a disease for your life.
  • Some fighting strategies to help you have a balanced view in fighting for your health.

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