Episode 85: Thinking About Food and Joy

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • That God designed us to have an emotional relationship with food.
  • That God uses food in celebration.
  • That God uses food in relationships.
  • That we are not designed to eat in a stressed, anxious state and what happens when we do.
  • That a lot of people are living in chronic stressed states in which we are not designed to eat, but they ARE eating in those states.
  • That it works both ways with stress and unhealthy eating. We make unhealthy food choices in periods of stress, and eating unhealthy food can lead to irritability and stress.
  • The harm in obsessing over eating perfectly.
  • A troubling statistic regarding children and food.
  • A couple of key approaches in eat comfort food.
  • The root issue in all of this and some morning practices to help you.

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