Episode 84: Using Essential Oils

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How Trent came to use essential oils, and how what was shared with him convinced him to give them a go.
  • A shifting point for Trent in how he came to view the oils.
  • That God created plant life with essential oils, and that they aren’t just a fad.
  • How the oils are able to support our bodily systems.
  • Why they are so effective in helping us with emotional health.
  • About the mention of oils in Scripture.
  • The three ways to use essential oils.
  • The different grades of oils, and why this is super important.
  • Why companies can sell oils so cheap and why therapeutic grade oils cost more (This is so critical to understand).
  • Why using therapeutic grade oils isn’t “unsafe.”
  • How I use oils in my life.

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