Episode 81: Healthy Body Movement

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • That this facet of getting healthy doesn’t stand alone and how important understanding this really is.
  • Why we need to reframe how we view exercise and how children can help us do this.
  • That walking around barefooted outside is actually really good for us.
  • That our brains require about 20% of the oxygen we breathe in, and the best way to increase oxygen uptake.
  • That work did not come as a result of the fall, but that God appointed work from the beginning.
  • The negative consequences of sitting too much.
  • That we were designed to move to God’s glory and what our foundational reason should be for exercising and moving our bodies.
  • The connection between sleep and exercise and how they flow together.
  • Research that shows it is best to workout in the morning.
  • Some research behind High Intensity Interval Training.
  • Tips on how to incorporate healthy body movement into your day.

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