Heart, Body, & Soul

Transformational Nutrition Coach & Speaker

When it comes to a lifestyle that is against what God designed us to be I know all about it. Growing up as a child with horrible eating habits and an even worse view of self to an adult with a history of drug and alcohol use that left me with 3 DUI's in 3 years, I have seen it all. 


The 7 Fight Principles

Through my own fight, training, and helping others, I have developed 7 principles that encompass what I believe it means to fight for your health, heart, body, and soul.

Episode 95: What I Know Now That I Didn’t Know Then

In This Episode You Will Learn: The concept of turning back time, that we just can’t, even though Cher wished…

Episode 94: Removing Foods That Hinder Your Healing

In This Episode You Will Learn: About the body’s God given ability to heal. That we need to remove what…

Episode 93: More Books I Recommend to Help You Fight For Your Health

In This Episode You Will Learn: 7 more books (he did a previous show on book recommendations) Trent recommends to help…

Episode 92: My Most Helpful Lifestyle Habits

In This Episode You Will Learn:  Why lifestyle habits are so foundational. That you should have water in the morning before your…

Episode 91: Gratitude: It’s Not a Gimmick

In This Episode You Will Learn: The foundational place of gratitude in following Jesus. How remembering and gratitude are connected. How…

Episode 90: Contemplating Complaining with Amberlin Harrison

In This Episode You Will Learn: Amberlin’s personal journey of how she came to write a book about complaining. Reasons…

Episode 89: Christians, Crystals, and Stuff Like That

In This Episode You Will Learn: A concern many Christians have about using crystals, essential oils, doing Yoga, and stuff like…

Episode 88: Wheat is Whack

In This Episode You Will Learn: How wheat is so ingrained (pun intended) into today’s society. The difference between modern…

Episode 87: Balance in Fighting For Your Health

In This Episode You Will Learn: The origin of Trent’s theme “fight.” That people go to extremes in how they…

Episode 86: Thinking About Smart Phone Addiction

  In This Episode You Will Learn: How technology can lead us so far away from our natural design. How smart…

Essential Oils

Essential oils are to some a fad, but the truth is they were created when God created plant life and have been utilized by people for thousands of years. They are the “essence” of the plant, the aromatic fragrance. These oils are extracted from different parts of the plants, including stems, bark, flowers, seeds, or roots. They are typically steam distilled but can also be extracted in others ways. For example citrus oils are cold pressed from the rind.


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